Friday, March 21, 2008

detailed lace and bow

betsey johnson dress that I can no longer find on her website. I love the little bow. I love the hem and neckline. I love the color. I love everything about this dress that I can never be the owner of. also, happy first day of spring.


  1. three thoughts that just dawned on me:
    1: if you found it on instyle and it was a recent post, it's probable that the dress hasn't come out yet and is yet to be revealed.
    2: i think the "ruffle" on the bottom is large rick rack. if we found all the goods in the right color - i think we could make it.
    3: is there a bigger picture?
    -love horito

  2. OH MY!!!!!

    SUPESS Q!!!! (aka Super Cute)

  3. I freaking love Betsey Johnson. That would look steller on you Britt!


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