Thursday, April 24, 2008

advertising details

I was a print journalism major for like a day (spring 2006), and in all the communication classes I took, I gained immense respect for people in advertising.  Those guys are creative, efficient, and pay immaculate attention to detail.  Well this weekend, in between Myth Busters, Man vs. Wild, and Dirty Jobs, I've found a commercial that I just the freak love.  It's on the Discovery Channel and this is an extended version.  I couldn't find the one I actually saw on tv, so just go watch some Bear Grylls and wait for a commercial break.  It's totally worth it.  I seriously break out a huge smile every time I watch it.  


  1. Britt! That is freaking amazing! My favorite is "I love Egyptian kings." Hilarious. Oh, how I miss thee. Come back soon, okay?

  2. as i am typing this, josh is watching bear's alaskan special..... he showed me this commercial a week or so ago during one of his shows and we LOVE it. it is seriously an awesome commercial.

    it was fun to see you tonight. you make me smile.

  3. I found the 30 second version. it's excellent.


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