Tuesday, April 8, 2008

capturing the details

I actually love starting new hobbies because it feels great to go from terrible to decent.  The work goes fast and it's easy to see improvements.  When you are learning to play hockey, at first you're just trying to stay on top of your skates; scoring is the furthest thought from your mind.  But after practicing for a while, you actually start shooting.  Anyway, as I try to take things to the next level - going from good to better to best - the changes are more subtle.  I think the main difference between mostly good and phenomenal is attention to detail.  I've been trying to improve my photography skills, I've taken classes, practiced a lot, and today, I looked at some award winning photographs hoping to pick up on some details.  Some great portraits and wedding shots at WPPI have helped broaden my perspective a lot.  If you have endless hours to look at some photos, check these out.  


  1. yay!! one of my pictures was on display at WPPI!! (of me, not by me, of course)
    and you've taken photography classes? i didn't know that!! i still support britt horman photography (and i could stalk your blog).
    also, is that camera significant like the one you want or something?
    -the other itney hor

  2. I love your blogs. And I think you are an amazing photographer! Also, maybe with your help we could come up with a blog of my very own! Let me know what you think...


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