Sunday, April 13, 2008

dietary details

If you do your research, its shocking (and a little disturbing) how many different types of veggies we are supposed to eat every week. Well, you all should know, I don't like vegetables. I eat them; we're supposed to. But I rarely think, "Huh, {insert vegetable here} sounds good." Or "Man I'm really craving {insert vegetable here}." As a side note, I spent the entire summer of 2006 trying to find vegetable recipes that I actually wanted to eat. It was an adventure, and I made it out alright, but I it took some serious work to find recipes that mask the true nature of broccoli: it's got to be baked in something delicious, or else smothered in my mom's cheese sauce. If left unadorned by the details of mild cheddar or chicken chunks, the broccoli is exposed. All that aside, I love non-vegetable foods that are shaped like vegetables. For example, this cake pan from Williams-Sonoma is adorable. And I've always loved this Pasta with Personality. In both of these cases, the details so essential to regular vegetables become much less important.

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