Wednesday, April 2, 2008

plot details

I am putting together my summer reading list, and I am shocked by how heavy everything is.  James Joyce's collection of short stories, the last 200 pages of Les Mis (again),  some C.S. Lewis, and other equally wonderful and exhausting readings.  So I would really appreciate a list of good stories.  Nothing abstract, or necessarily philosophical, just a really good story.  A story where a bunch of friends all survive something by helping each other.  Or a story where two people overcome all odds to be together.  Or a story about a family who moves from LA to live on a farm.  I really, really don't care.  I just need something with a plot.  Something I might even be able to read in one sitting because I just can't put it down.  help?  please?


  1. Here are a few ideas:
    -Life of Pi (fantastic book)
    -Peace Like a River (excellent read)
    -Midnight's Children (haven't read, but it's on my summer list)
    -Cold Comfort Farm (one of my's hilarious)

  2. let's go with magazines from the list:
    Country Living (don't judge me)
    Martha Stewart Living
    Rachel Ray
    various catalogs
    Why? because then you don't even have to really READ them; you can just look at the pictures. What better way to lighten up a heavy reading list eh?

  3. Bloomability
    The Princess Bride
    Dandelion Wine
    Anything by Mark Twain
    House on Mango Street
    Walk Two Moons

    I like kid's books but I am an elementary education major so its okay. I think everyone should like them. (Plus, you can read them in one sitting which is optimal for summer reading).
    I'm going to have to add RealSimple to Whit's list of magazines. It's just so good.

  4. amen to brynn. i LOVE Real Simple (I can't believe I forgot it!) and also Stargirl. And even its sequel, Love,Stargirl.
    I also loved Walk Two Moons - I read it a few summers ago in a few days.
    oh and more favorite books - Tuesdays with Morrie and Criss Cross (usually things on the Newberry Medal List are great)!

    Do it.


  5. brynn - bloomability was one of my favorite books growing up...but thanks for the dandelion wine tip. that was one I was considering...

  6. whit - your magazine list = hilarious

  7. Ella Enchanted is a good read too...

    There is a sequel to Star Girl?! I totally need to read that.


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