Wednesday, May 14, 2008

details of: Hula Seventy

How did I become so grown up chronologically and not developmentally?

1. Ride the Disneyland tea cups
2. Get published
3. Write my thesis
4. Read my summer book list
5. Perform something
6. Finish my family traditions cookbook
7. Put together all my favorite pictures from London
8. Watch Casablanca
9. Deliver at least one thank you card a week
10. Create something on a canvas
11. Hike Timpanogos
12. See {this one person from a long time ago}
13. See {this other person who I didn't think I could live without}
14. Go to La Caille
15. Weigh less {I have a specific amount, but I'm not telling}
16. See my grandparents once a month
17. Watch all the Kenneth Branagh Shakespeare productions
18. Have creme brulee
19. Start a movie collection
20. Touch my toes
21. Run a 5K

I would like to add that this was really hard to do! It's hard to think of that many goals! I highly highly recommend it - and I'd like to hear what yours are if you do the same...


  1. I have casablanca if you want to borrow it.

  2. mmhmm. what a great list. I like this idea and I like you.

    ps. when will you be in idaho?

  3. what is hula seventy? and i think i'll make one too, but not things to do before i'm 22 because that happens WAY to soon... but more like summer goals so i feel like i have a purpose.
    then i'm going to make another sticker chart to mark my progress.

  4. I still need to make my list . . .

  5. we should hike timp together. ok. ok.


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