Sunday, June 1, 2008

details of: Brynn

This is a picture I took of Brynn at Abbey Road in 2007 

Every month, my friend from London writes a list of things she loves. I read dozens of blogs every day, but I look forward to this one monthly post because it is always so positive and insightful - just like Brynn.

So for the past month, I tried to pay special attention to lovable details. Whenever I thought, "Oh this can go on my Love List!" I appreciated the moment even more. So even though May was challenging at times, I still found myself looking for what is good.

May Love List
  • my car
  • self tanner
  • the actual sun is lovely as well
  • tandem bikes
  • audio Shakespeare
  • audio Harry Potter
  • rollerblades
  • the library
  • crackers and Boursin
  • receiving postcards
  • sending letters in the mail
  • ducks in the pond
  • my volleyball class
  • heat packs (best invention ever)
  • hugie burritos
  • quilts - either homemade or from Pottery Barn
  • Souvlaki
  • Cheesecake
  • BYU
  • Brynn


  1. I agree! Brynn is one of the loveliest people I think, and it's because of her constant optimism! And I love your love list too!

  2. i love brynn! and i love you!

    what a great post. i totally remembered all the good times we all had with brynn in london, and now i'm all sad and i miss everyone.

  3. oh you guys! I miss you so stinking much. thanks for making my day, britt. I love you a lot.


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