Sunday, August 24, 2008

detail #5

I realize that speaking in church doesn't exactly = performing. It's very different. The point wasn't to entertain or to impress others. But I spoke in church today, and I prepared more for this talk than I did for State Speech. So I'm counting it. I was assigned to speak on diligence. I knew the topic a week in advance, and throughout the week I found some great material. But it wasn't until Saturday afternoon that I found my favorite bit of inspiration. About a quarter of my talk was on the atonement of Jesus Christ, and I had written my testimony and how important the atonement has been in my life, but I wanted to include something from the scriptures or from April Conference. Then I remembered a devotional Elder Scott gave in March {I cried literally through the entire thing}, and thought I would check there. As I reviewed the talk, I found the perfect quote for my talk! It was about diligence, and I thought I should include it here.

"You can’t be diligent once. One who keeps the commandments only when convenient will not receive the strength and inspiration needed in times of difficulty. Nor does selectively obeying some commandments while ignoring others produce the same power in one’s life as does full compliance with the laws of the Lord."

If you get a chance, find some time to review the full talk. You can get the PDF and mp3 for free, so there is no excuse to neglect this one. It really changed the way I feel about the atonement and made me appreciate even more Christ's sacrifice for us.


  1. You made me cry and want to be a better person and I just love you and don't know what I would do without you so don't ever leave me. Seriously. Or I might have to kill you. Like really, I'd stab you. :)
    And that was probably the worse comment I could leave on this post. So, to leave on a happy note, I really do love you and I am so grateful to have you in my life. You make me want to live better. And I really mean that. Love you.

  2. Really like that quote. Really like it. and i am positive your talk was excellent.

    josh is sitting beside me on his computer while i am blogging on mine (are we dorks?) i was reading him your list of what you want to be when you grow up b/c i love that entry. it makes me smile. since you are good at science he says to ask you what C12, H22, O11 is?? he will be awaiting your reply :)

  3. Britt, it's Mara, I have been trying to reach you for sometime now if you get this my email is and my blog is I loved the quote and your dreams who cares if they don't happen dreams are for now not later. Please write me

  4. I love that! Knowing you, your talk was excellent! Love you.


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