Saturday, August 23, 2008

details of donating

These are the pictures I sent to Whitney... I told everybody else they had to see it in person, but it's been some time now, and I feel brave enough to post. Anway, I decided it was time to donate my hair again, so I called Bon Losee and asked if I could do that there. The woman asked if I wanted the appointment for that afternoon, and I thought, "Huh...why not..." These pictures were both taken the day of in the HLRC on one of the BEAUTIFUL iMacs. btw, I'm still trying to figure out how to style this - if you run across any styles that you think I could pull off, email me.


  1. i can't believe how long your hair was! it's been so long since i've seen you. you could have donated some to me, i think mine has stopped growing altogether. love the new cut though.

  2. love love love your hair. seriously it looks amazing. i'll be on the look out for styles.... now i'm feeling the need to at least trim my mop....

    when do i get to see you again??


    i LOVE the new style!!! TRE CHIC!!

    i need to see it in person!!! (excuse to hang out...yes)

    and on a semi-related note: I love YOU!!!

    :) :) yayy

  4. There are some pretty hott wigs floating around somewhere.

  5. Your hair is so cute! I want to copy you and donate my hair....but if I were to donate my hair now I would be bald--so maybe in a few years I'll donate it.

  6. yay! yay! i love the hair and i love you! I'm so glad that you found me! we need a chilis date soon!


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