Sunday, August 17, 2008

future details

As I prepare for the LSAT, I spend a lot of time thinking about what I want to be when I grow up. Lots of girls have a one word answer that can be quickly said and readily understood: doctor, teacher, mother, attorney, etc. I kind of have to explain what I want to be when I grow up. I want to be a "woman of leisure."

- I want to bake stuff all the time. There will, of course, be other cooking too, but I want to have cakes and pies and cookies surrounding everything I do.
- I want to decorate my house. This will undoubtedly require hiring/becoming friends with an interior designer. We could go to lunch and discuss how beautiful my crown moldings are.
- I want to throw fabulous parties. Big ones, little ones, fancy ones, simple ones... I think in this category I will also include planning vacations with my family. I just love planning events.
- I want to take photography, cooking, horticulture, design, and other fun classes. I think my desire to do these things comes from how much I love going to school. I think if I was allowed to go to school forever I would get a BA in every humanities subject that is offered. And I think I'm good at science stuff too. One time I got 116% on a Physics 300-something test.
- I want to be able to drop whatever I'm doing to run to the library and check out that photography book my friend emailed me. Also in this category is the ability to drop whatever I'm doing and shop for clothes that highlight my attractive figures in "an obvious yet classy way."
- I want to have an immaculately clean home. This is mostly so that my kids, their friends, and my family and friends, can always drop by and feel welcome, safe, happy, and clean. And then they can have a piece of cake.

A couple afterthoughts for those reading this and judging me: A) I realize this will probably never happen B) It's not that I don't want to work - I plan on working. I actually think it would be awesome if I could work in the mornings and then have the whole afternoon to do whatever I want. Of course, in the dream, my morning job would be incredibly lucrative (I'm thinking insider trading...) so I can afford to do all that other stuff. C) I realize this makes me sound incredibly selfish.  So I should mention my life would actually be meaningless if I didn't feel like I was helping/serving other people.  D) if you're still judging, judge all you want, this is my dream and I'll dream what I want.


  1. Thank you Britt for appreciating my Gazpacho experience. And I love your post about being a woman of leisure. If only!

  2. What i would give to be a woman of leisure.

  3. dear britt.
    a: I think there's an essay about that. I am going to begin searching it down for you.
    b: I swear we split from the same cell or my parents were in Idaho and there's something in the water because, freak, that list is like EXACTLY what I would want to be when I grow up. Well, I never really thought about the spa part... and I call it a Jill-of-all-trades or Handy Jack-girl as opposed to "Woman of Leisure".

  4. I'm so loving your dreams - and hey, we are allowed to dream whatever we want and no judging is allowed. that is just one of the rules. and guess what? dreams actually do come true. lots of times. so dream on girl!

    and I think I'll copy you and steal some of your dreams for my dreams, of maybe like the life i'll have when my kids are older or something like that. or maybe I'll just live close by so I can pop into your place and have some fresh baked goods in a clean house without having to bake / clean my own. now that is a good dream.

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  6. If my day was dependent on profound statements to fuel my amazingness, today would be powered by

    "Lots of waxing."
    "...and then they can have a piece of cake."

    Thanks for that. Just a word of caution - 'woman of leisure' almost sounds like 'woman of the evening.' Kind of. On second thought, there's your lucrative business opportunity.

  7. I absolutely love every single one of these comments! :) thanks everybody

  8. I'm glad we are friends. I think your "woman of leisure" skills will compliment my lack-there-of very well. (especially the immaculately clean and the baking stuff parts).

    and I'll go to school with you forever.


  9. love the dream britt. what i don't love is the fact that you have not left a comment on my blog...very disappointing.

  10. this post totally just made me happy!!

    i freaking love you and I've decided from reading this that I want to be a "Man of Leisure!"

    loves it.


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