Tuesday, August 12, 2008

olympic details

{image from boston.com, via Oh Happy Day}

I watched the Olympics with Hilary and Dave last night. I'm embarrassed to say it's the first time I've checked them out this year. But I just wanted to put something out into the internet: I love the Olympics. The details I associate with them only happen every couple years! So part of what makes them so awesome is their rarity. For example...I love wondering what it would be like if my body could actually hold itself parallel to the ground holding a couple of rings. I love the 'Olympic spirit' commercials (one of them actually made me well up). I love the chalk flying in the air, the huge upper bodies of the swimmers, the really fast games of table tennis, watching the big poof that the high jump...ers jump into, the fans, the tears, I love the freaking national anthem. The Olympics really are a fantastic symbol of the triumph of the human spirit. But, the most important details of this year's Olympics were two of my favorite people and the yummy chocolate chip cookies. lol.


  1. i'm totally with you on the olympics. love them. seriously can you even imagine what it would be like to be the best in the world at something? don't even care what!! amazing. some of my favorite "details" are the personal stories... love those.

  2. aw. i love the olympics. it was so fun to watch them with you guys. and eat cookies. yum.

  3. BRITTNEY ANN! I'm not sure how i found you but i did. and i have missed you! i'm new to this blogging thing! anyways, keep in touch!

  4. i love michael phelps. seriously.


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