Sunday, September 28, 2008

brotherly details

My brother Steven is on a mission right now. After a year at Dixie College, he volunteered the next two years to teach people about the gospel. He was called to Portland, Oregon and he leaves in a few weeks. Right now he is in the Missionary Training Center learning A) how to teach the gospel and B) Spanish. He's written me a few letters, sent a few pictures (the one here is on my fridge. he's the tallest one {6'4"}, the cutest one, and he's second from the left), and emails our family every Friday. I wanted to include an excerpt from his last family letter because I think it says a lot about him and an interesting principle of the gospel:

"Richard G. Hinkley came. The son of the former prophet. fyi. He knows everything about every mission in the whole world. all the mission presidents and all the missions he is brilliant and does the same hand gestures as his dad. And sounds the exact same. He was awesome. My favorite quote was from his dad. He said that in his last few years alive he was loosing his hearing and he asked him what he did when he (Gordon B. Hinkley) did in meetings when he couldn't hear what the person was saying. He said, "I would just fake it" it was so funny! Then he said if we get feeling down, we can just fake it and eventually we will get happy because serving the lord is happy stuff, and it will come."

I know he's not saying we won't have our down days, because we will. But it's just like Steve to have a good attitude. And I know he appreciated the message not only for it's truth, but also because he's such a positive person himself.


  1. Yay! He sounds like a great missionary! Do you miss him yet? ;)

  2. this whole freaking week I wanted to talk to him SO BAD. yes. I miss him.

  3. That's so exciting that he's in Portland! That's where we moved from over a year and a half ago. We'd lived there for 12 years. What a great thing that he'll be speaking Spanish. And I hope you don't think I'm stalking you. I just linked from Dave's blog.


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