Sunday, September 14, 2008

local details

I am from Idaho. It's a big ol' state with about as many people as Manhattan. We don't really have a SoHo, an Upper East Side, a Chinatown, a Harlem, a Greenwhich Village, or a 5th Avenue. So I think the comparison is absolutely fantastic. Pretty much the only thing we have in common is a comperable statistic for the 2006 census. :) Even more than I love the map, I love some of the comments people left. Very funny.
  • I don’t think there was ever any doubt in my mind that Staten Island was the Wyoming of New York City. - Daniel
  • Whatever happens in Brooklyn stays in Brooklyn. - Ken


  1. 1: I love Idaho.
    2: I love New York.
    3: I love this map.
    d: I love you.
    I guess "d" really should be "4".

  2. britt, i love you. when are you coming to idaho?

  3. i heart you. thanks for explaining the brooklyn one to me. hilarious.

  4. i love the staten island comment and "i have no idea what’s going on and it scares me" comment.


    and thanks for sharing.

    and i miss you.


  5. that is TOO funny

    i have to say...I definitely miss my NYC and love it to all the ends of the earth...

    BUT. NYC does NOT have a Blackfoot! or an Edwards Cinemas in Idaho Falls.

    Viva Idaho!

  6. Thanks, I'm glad you liked the pictures!! You rock.


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