Saturday, September 27, 2008

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One of my favorite blogs is Stuff White People Like. They've actually come out with a book (I bought it for Courtney's birthday) and the subtitle basically sums up the whole philosophy: The Unique Taste of Millions. I subscribed to this blog after browsing through the archives and repeatedly thinking, "Oh my gosh I LOVE ___________!" Be it
And in addition to having some great insights into white culture, I really enjoy the writing. I tell ya, Christian Lander really is a funny guy. And as I looked through the list, I realized that as much as I'd like to believe I am a unique individual, I still share the "unique taste of millions."

Anyway, this is all coming up because a few weeks ago, Lander brought to light how much we love unpaid internships. "In most of the world when a person works long hours without pay, it is referred to as 'slavery' or 'forced labor.' For white people this process is referred to as an internship and is considered an essential stage in white development." Well, in white person fashion, I started my unpaid internship last week. I work at Dexter & Dexter and I love it. Right now I'm working with an attorney on getting a blog started for the firm! How great is that? I've already found some really cool legal blogs that I'll have to share with you all later.


  1. cute picture but still waiting on more personal details, as in a bio of Dave.

    loved seeing you the other weekend. nice meeting Dave also. but i need to know more.

  2. 1. love your shoes.
    2. my favorites of the 'unique taste of millions' are: standing still at concerts, having two last names, oscar parties, threatening to move to canada, etc. i'm so unique right?
    3. congrats.


  3. I seriously read through that blog one time and kept on thinking to myself, "oh my gosh this blog is right on! i love these things!"
    Then about a week later (I think it was while reading a post on San Francisco), I realized that I'M NOT WHITE.

  4. Britt, I've discovered so many amazing blogs through you, and this is just another to add to the list. Some of my favorites:

    #8 Barack Obama
    #40 Apple Products
    #42 Sushi
    #44 Public Radio
    #70 Difficult Breakups

    And, congrats on the internship!

  5. I'm So glad you love Asian girls! Holla! And, you look so dang cute in that picture! Very professional. I miss you!

  6. You look so smart in this picture. :) I can really see your "bursting" personality just "bubbling over"


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