Saturday, October 18, 2008

{possible} details

it is {possible} that the next computer I own will be a desktop. this is {possibly} because I drop my laptop entirely too often.

my newest life goal might {possibly} be to move to the Manhattan First Ward as soon as {possible}.

it is {possible} that every time I see a Mustang, I want it a teeny bit.


  1. funny you mention the manhattan first ward. here is a story about it:

    when i was in ny this summer, the church we normally go to was under construction, so we were like, "oh, we'll just go to the harlem ward. that'll be awesome." we didn't know for sure where the church was and what time it started so we asked the security guard at the temple (who had this thick brooklyn accent and a tattoo sleve, how cool is that?) for a map and the times for the harlem ward. this was his reply, "uh, you don't want to go to that ward. people of our color just don't go into harlem." then we were like, "we'll be fine. it will be a great experience." he insisted that we "would be walking around with big targets on our backs. especially you blondie (pointing at me). i don't ever go to that ward and i am a native new yorker."

    instead we went to the ward in union square.

    the end.

  2. hey, it's been the longest time, This is chase, the scraggly freckly guy from Freshman year who went out with Siena. I found your blog through the Hansen's Blog, (does'n it sounds like a script for the next indiana jones sometimes?). Throwing in my two cents about the manhattan thing, I've heard amazing things about the single's ward there, and there's just some parts to it that you couldn't recreate elsewhere (especially in UT). I'd have to go with Boston myself, I'm doomed to live there, and NYC is just too big.


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