Saturday, November 1, 2008

sperry-licous details

For my Doctrine and Covenant class, I went to the Sperry Symposium. It was themed on Joseph Smith, and was cool, but my favorite presentation didn't even get published in the Sperry Symposium book! Whatever. It was "Why the Word of Wisdom is New and Unique When There is Nothing New and Unique in It." by Paul Y. Hoskisson. To review: the Word of Wisdom instructs the saints to A) eat more wheat, fruit, vegetables, etc., and B) eat no coffee, tea, alcohol, or tobacco.

Dr. Hoskisson just went through every aspect of the Word of Wisdom and showed that identical instruction had been given to tons of people and a lot of his examples were from Joseph Smith's contemporaries. But in every case he brought up, there were different details. There were a couple groups who didn't do "hot drinks" either. But Joseph Smith later clarrified that this meant coffee and tea, in these other groups, it meant no hot liquids of any kind (milk, water, chocolate, nadda). There were tons of religious groups who said no to alochol. A bunch of hippies in Philladelphia were big wheat/veggies/fruit people, but their reasoning was different than Joseph Smiths. In the end, the combination of principles and the motivation behind them were unique to the Word of Wisdom. His ultimate point was, none of the individual points were original points, but the revelation as a whole, was just that: revelation from God.


  1. Very interesting! I love that you know stuff like that. You are so cool.

  2. a: love that you called it "sperry-licious."
    b: don't you love the revelation? it's genius.

  3. Bro. Hoskisson was my New Testament professor. He is quite the guy.


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