Friday, December 5, 2008

details of Elder Wirthlin

Early Monday morning while we were still asleep, Hilary got a text that Elder Wirthlin had died. I sat in silence for a minute and could only think to say, "I miss him." As I watched his funeral today, I thought of all the things that I and others loved and miss. My favorite thing about him was his firm belief that the darkest moments of our lives cannot last forever.

I attended a Regional Conference in September 2006 where President Monson and Elder Wirthlin spoke. Fall 2006 did not = my favorite time. In fact, it was the least favorite time of my entire life. I have never felt so burdened or alone, and I went to Regional conference praying for comfort and hope. Elder Wirthlin's talk answered my prayers, and I have had few prayers answered so powerfully. His wife (who was an English major) had died in August, and he talked about the pain and sorrow that filled his life. As he spoke, I felt like he knew the kind of pain I felt, and I trusted him when he talked about finding peace because I knew he understood profound sorrow. Later, in General Conference he gave his famous "Sunday Will Come" talk. I will always be grateful for him and his teachings especially because he helped me feel the Savior's love in my moments of trial.


  1. love your comments. love you even more. his talks are ALWAYS some of my favorites.
    can't wait to see you at Christmas. I feel like we have lots of catching up to do.

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  3. I loved your comment! It was rather sad when Elder Wirthlin died. I always looked forward to his talks in General Conference because he always made me smile.


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