Monday, December 15, 2008

little warm details in the freezing cold abyss

I don’t like the cold (Yes, I’m from Idaho. No, that doesn't mean I got used to it. It's not like if you grow up with something then you get used to it. If it was family tradition to jab yourself in the face repeatedly with sharp sticks, that wouldn't get easier with time. Neither does the cold). Today Hilary and I made a list of things we could find to like about winter. image via here
  • Hot chocolate
  • Fires
  • Staying inside
  • Tartan Blankets
  • Watching Movies
  • Soup
  • Cuddling
  • Christmas
  • My birthday
  • Scarves
  • Boots
  • Dark nights
  • Driving
  • Mittens
  • Coming home
  • Going home
  • Giving gifts
  • Christmas cards
  • Sledding
  • New semesters
  • Goals


  1. Oh if it weren't for the freezing cold abyss, we would not have made such an excellent list of all the things we love about winter. I just like you.

  2. All week I've been thinking "man, I must be getting soft down here in Utah, I am REALLY cold, and it's not so fun..."

    Thanks for reminding me that I've never really liked the whole cold, wet, dark part of winter. Even in Idaho.

    But all that other stuff is great!

  3. I highly approve of all these things except driving- at least in the blizzard that was sunday morning. But it did boost my confidence in my skills and in my darling car who has winter drive.

    I love you and your list and i would like to do some of the things on your list with you before we part ways. that is all.

  4. Love the list. It's thoughts like these that inspired my Christmas gifts this/next year (aka they'll be late).

  5. I love these details! I heard another person say that God is in the details of your life, and I thought of you again. Also, may I just take a moment to brag and say that new semesters are no longer in the details of my life? Mwuahaha!!

  6. oh.


    FINALLY, someone who understands! I hate the cold. I don't like it. Not a fan. Nope. Not in the least bit! AND everytime I tell someone, "I don't like the cold." I always get, "Why not? Doesn't it snow in Jersey? You should be used to it."..Um...WHATT!? Are they kidding me!? You don't get "used" to the cold. That's just DUMB to say!

    ...makes me ill.

    but anyway. i love you!


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