Wednesday, December 3, 2008

scientific details

My sophomore year I took a Philosophy of Food class with James Faulcner. It was amazing. Completely changed the way I feel about food and eating and gathering and intimacy and taste and basically everything. I have raved about this before. I think about it all the time. I'm writing a paper related to all this right now, and as I was researching in the library I found this book. It helps my paper in... no way, but I checked it out because it is such a compelling paradigm. There is an actual chapter on how chewing food changes our experience. It takes all the squishy, yummy, fascinating psychology, sociology, and philosophy, and gives it a cold, hard, beautiful, scientific approach.

For example, when you make a recipe and accidentally forget to add an ingredient, you think "Oh, I'll just add it now..." when you discover the oversight. Sometimes this can really change the outcome of the recipe because adding different ingredients at different times change the polarity of the molecules! How amazing is that?! Cooking = a science. And I love this book. I read it until I fell asleep last night.

On my (theoretical) coffee table... Molecular Gastronomy: Exploring the Science of Flavor by Herve This.


  1. The first time we really talked you told me about this, and I’ve been fascinated with the idea ever since. I’m glad you found a book that I can read about it. I was just wondering what to read over Christmas break.

  2. Umm... hi.
    I love your philosophy of food! everytime you talk about it, I feel like my academic career isn't complete without it.
    Please, teach me all you know.

  3. what a for cutes book!!!

    no lie...that actually is really interesting. Next time i make...oh wait...i don't cook. day I will learn AND THEN i wont be adding baking soda before or after the recipe tells me to!


  4. I love that you love this book and learning about food. But I also love that the authors name is herve this. bahaha! Thanks for taking care of me today.


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