Monday, December 1, 2008

wide-eyed, eager, wholesome, innocent details

I woke up with this song in my head yesterday morning.

and it just got worse from there.

My dad was Professor Hill in college. And I have watched this movie billions of times. I love Buddy Hackett, I love the charisma of Harold, I love the music, I love the lisp, and I love my dad singing that "Trouble" song, oh I could just go on forever.


  1. I love you madly, madly, madly, Madame. Yes you. You are just the best.

  2. what a great post brit!
    "one Grecian Ern, and a fountain, trickle, trickle, trickle."

  3. Your blog made me smile:)...a few years ago I sad through 3 months of rehearsals at BYU while Coryn's younger sister, Caitlyn, performed in "Music Man." Classic show. Side note: It is a favorite of President Monson and he came to one of the performances and Caitlyn saw him getting into a car in the tunnel of the HFAC after the show and he stopped and talked to her and told her what a wonderful show it was and commented on her red hair. Memorable. (BTW, I love Kristen Chenoweth as Marion) The BYU cast had a special performance one night where the "real" Marion visited. She lives in Provo and is in her 80's and she was friends with the writer who based the character on her. Pretty neat. Okay...sorry...don't get me started on musical theatre:)

  4. Oops...I didn't "sad"...I sat. I think...shame on me, the former English minor:)

  5. this could be one of my favorite things about you.


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