Monday, January 12, 2009

details in the title

Remember how I used to blog? It's been a while. I love having that "shared items" box (it's over on the right side), but since I put my favorite internet finds there, I don't feel the need to blog about them. I will blog about this photographer though. Her photographs make me like falling snow and I like that she titles her albums and photographs with quotes from people like Percy Shelley and Leo Tolstoy and Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Bertrand Russell.

I like that this one is titled, "It was enough to sit there without words." I'm a very verbal person, but I like relationships that can be like this too.


  1. does that mean i'm not a favorite relationship?? because we're pretty verbal.
    jk. ;)

  2. wow i really like that too! So pretty!

    and yes we do need to hang out soon! i need good people in my life! i miss you and love you oh so much!! :)

  3. Nice blog. Hey don't you love me and don't I blog? In other words, why don't you link to me? :( Cary blogs too but his blog sucks. Don't tell him I said that.


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