Thursday, February 19, 2009

abundant confectionary details

I haven't had anything on the coffee table dream for a couple weeks. This is mostly because I can't find a single overarching theme in my life. I feel a teeny bit all over the place. Rather than try to force a theme, but still wanting to keep up the dream, I've decided to fill the space with all the V-day Love candy that is now on sale. I would, of course, have to have cool glass jars. Here. are. some. options. I'm thinking:
  • chocolate dipped cinnamon hearts
  • those cherry balls I grew up eating with my mom
  • long red/white peppermint sticks
  • pretzels covered with white almond bark and red sprinkles
  • Valentines peanut M&Ms
To be clear, I'm not going to keep tiny portions of pretentious food on my coffee table. I have very strong feelings about generosity and hospitality. There will literally be pounds of cinnamon hearts available. You will be able to walk into my living room and eat so many freaking M&Ms you want to throw up. That is the dream.


  1. mmm...this is a good dream. I like the pottery barn jars the best.

  2. Please leave some empty jars for me to throw up in. ;)
    And I will eat all the cinnamon hearts.

  3. PS I'm IN LOVE with that little fat apothecary jar. Seriously I've wanted it so bad ever since we got married... so if one day you show up to my house and we randomly have it, don't tell brad....

  4. Good. Because I always feel bad when I take a handful from a treat jar only to realize I took 3/4 of it.


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