Sunday, March 8, 2009

detail #8

I have worn this lipstick dozens of times. Mind you, these lips never left the confines of my apartment, but I still felt brave for just putting it on. Well, today I completed my first goal from my 22 things list, and I went up to campus wearing bright red lipstick. Being 22 is so much more awesome than being 21.


  1. ooh la la :)

    mitchel is sitting here with me and he asked me why I didn't have lips like you!! he said everyone draws lips like that and brit is the only person i have seen who has them !!

  2. I am so glad you did that. It's fantastic, isn't it? You should rock that tomorrow.

    And who took that picture? It looks fabulous.


  3. Britt you look Gorgeous! You definitely should where the bright red lipstick more often!

  4. you look classy. sure love.

  5. Brit its Josh, I here you are looking for some music to run to. I ran in 21 5K's in 7 different states to this play list

    4 minutes, justin timberlake
    pump it, black eyed peas
    vertigo, U2
    dont stop me now, queen
    pure energy, information society
    eye of the tiger, survivor
    where are we runnin, lenny kravitz
    are you gona go my way, lenny kravitz
    beautiful day, U2
    runnin with the devil, van halen
    top of the world, van halen
    jump, van halen
    panama, van halen
    shake it, metro station
    hot n cold, katy perry

    I hope this helps you run faster

  6. you are a rock star. I wish I could rock red lipstick like you.


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