Saturday, March 21, 2009

non-edgy details

um. Earlier this week Craig told me my blog wasn't edgy. And I seriously had a bit of an identity crisis. So let me just say, "I am a poser. I know in real life I like to convince you I'm dark and twisty, but apparently it's all a lie." Because I've been waiting for something edgy to blog about for days, and nothing came up. I wanted to say stuff like this:
  • Happy first day of Spring!
  • Look at this hilarious picture.
  • This is my new favorite blog because everyday they post two sandwiches and I pretend to pick which one I want for lunch.
  • Next week, two of Cary's friends are staying with Hilary and me, and we are SO excited. So excited, in fact, that we vacuumed. And we may or may not empty the garbage for the first time this semester. Second time ever.
  • Last weekend we took care of #4. And actually, Craig (the boyfriend's friend) got to it like an hour before Cary (the boyfriend) did. It was a spin the bottle scenario. I guess that's pretty edgy...
  • I cannot stop listening to RENT.
  • A week ago, Whit and I did a photo shoot in Salt Lake. I felt like a freaking rockstar. Hopefully more on that later.
So there you have it. My non-edgy thoughts for the week. I will try to step it up.

p.s. photo from here.


  1. Having the world's largest garbage can helps. But only a little. I do love us.

  2. Congrats on checking #4 of your list. Very edgy :)

  3. What is it with you and sandwiches? I'm still waiting for your sandwich book. Also, I posted Craig's post "How to Be Miserable" on my blog. Do you think he would mind? I anonymously gave him credit. If he minds, tell me and I will delete the post.

  4. seriously britt, you are gorgeous! i love that pic of you. remember me when you're famous!

  5. Britney! I think that was one of the best blog entries I have read in my entire life (and not just because you said my name twice even though that had a lot to do with it)! I have a few comments....first, I can see why that sandwich blog would be your favorite. I think I might start picking out my favorite sandwich everyday too. Second, I'm sorry that your #4 had to be with someone that you didn't have feeling for. Sucks for you, but I enjoyed it. Third, I also cannot stop listening to RENT. Fourth, your photo shoot is really edgy and you look bangarang. And finally, I can't believe you revealed my blog to everyone you know. So embarrassing and I might never talk to you again.

  6. You are just too bright and shiney for your own good! Also: Your intervention will come as soon as you need one... I think you always look fabulous!

  7. That did NOT count as #4... and I love that pizza picture..


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