Monday, April 27, 2009

details from my perfect vacation

This morning I got back from a 5 day trip to Southern California. And I feel like now is an appropriate a time as any to say that I haven't been that shamelessly, deliriously happy in a long time. Lessons learned:
  • Go on more vacations.
  • Put Southern California on the list of places to live. How the freak was it not on there before?
  • Always eat well. (Javier's, BJ's, and Beachcombers = all places you can do this)
  • Who you travel with is just as important as where you go.
  • See more, quality, live theater. Like this.
  • When the beach is "closed," that means they will ticket your car, and a man in a truck may ask you to leave your bonfire.
  • Sometimes it's okay to let your phone be dead for three days.
  • Make time to do nothing. For example, sleep in, go to the beach at night and just sit, read Carl Sandburg at a duck pond, and play four hours of "would you rather."


  1. oh southern california, so wonderful. and bj's ... delish.
    glad you're "shamelessly, deliriously happy".

  2. When you get back to Provo we can start working on seeing more live theatre and taking more vacations

  3. oh i love you. i'm so glad you had so much fun! miss you.

  4. Hooray!!
    Moral: Virginia vacation next fall?

  5. I'm so glad you had a lovely time! California = my heart's home! Can't wait to play with you ALL summer (I'll be unemployed in about a month so I'll be hurting for things to keep me occumpied)!

    P.S. Thank you for commenting on my blog... I appreciate it!

  6. You just made me even MORE excited for my trip to Daytona Beach!! YIPPEE!! I love your lessons learned. I shall learn from them.


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