Thursday, July 9, 2009

past details

In London, every Saturday night, me and Katie and Whitney and Page would walk down to Marks and Spencer's and get 510s. We don't remember what they were actually called, but these teeny cups of brownie and chocolate goodness had 510 calories - so that's what we called them. I love tradition. I love consistency. I love routine. And after two years of reflection, I've decided that those eight Saturday nights make up one of the best traditions of my life.

I tell you this because I just drove to Chilis and picked up a Molten Chocolate Whatever. Ladies and gentlemen, it was a 1270 - and it didn't even come close to filling the 510 void.


  1. Oh yummy--I LOVE traditions! That sounds so awesome. Good tradition.

  2. best saturdays of my life.
    we need to do more of that 510-ing when i return.
    you know, i can make those now. and they're pretty good.
    love.horito, and i guess brad too.

  3. what are your thoughts on twilight?

  4. you went to chilis and got chocolate cake without us?!!! boo I miss tradition too. now my traditions are folding my husbands socks correctly :) oh life!!


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