Monday, November 30, 2009

desperate details

UPDATE: I don't need you to do this anymore.

For my political science 200 class, I need ALL OF YOU to take this survey for me.

it's two questions

they are easy

if you time it, you will waste under 10 seconds of your life. and you will actually save my life.

I just need to know your GPA


  1. Done.

    Isn't 200 fun? Maybe I'm biased. That's the class I met Dan in. I can truly say that it changed my life forever, though.

  2. anything for you :) and i think it was even less than 10 seconds!!
    you heading this way for Christmas?

  3. I tried. Really, I did! But my laptop is in the early stages of terminal cancer, and my computer here at work- well, sucks. I'll keep trying though!

  4. oh by the way, happy retroactive birthday


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