Friday, November 6, 2009

real/imaginary details

Twice a week I have a Modern Politics class in the Student Athletic Building. This class is, perhaps, a bit misplaced as nothing could be less athletic than talking about modern political philosophers. Oh, except for for maybe doing deductive logic - which was another class I had in this building.

I always go to Modern Politics two hours early because, down the hall, there is a ballet class where a little man plays the piano for the ballerinas. Through the open door, I hear the piano and the shuffling ballet shoes, and it makes me so unspeakably happy. I spent four hours this week on a squishy couch outside their classroom, reading Kant, loving that I was a ballerina for Halloween, and wishing that I was a ballerina in real life.

photo by kirk


  1. oh my gosh. i love you. this just made my whole entire day.

  2. Did I tell you how much I love this? Or how much I love that you do things like go to class early to listen to ballerinas?
    You are definitely a "rejard."

  3. A. The left side of the picture is so creepy.

    B. You make a perfect Ballerina.

    C. I like the fact that the Ballerina you want to be reads Kant.


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