Monday, January 11, 2010

Dear Sweater,

the beloved sweater.
I stole you eight months ago, when Cary went to Jerusalem. And I have harbored an intense (yet tender) love for you every single one of those 200-something days. You were bought with a price because I knew I would actually die without you. You initially served an utterly sentimental purpose, and while that sentimental value is still an inherent part of our relationship, as time has gone on you have become a more pragmatic part of my life - today being a prime example of that practicality. Maybe it's not "professional" to wear you over my suit during work, but HOLY CRAP it is chilly in the mornings, so I'm glad you came to the office with me. The Requests for Production of Documents that I worked on all day would have been much colder without you.



  1. i love that you included a link to your glamour hot

  2. oh my gosh!! I had to think for a moment had to do with being bought for a price...
    but you traded him the canvas for the sweater?!
    quite clever on Cary's part. he's so eines.


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