Sunday, January 3, 2010

Little Brittney,

(Breezy has a cord that matches mine! She also likes sharing!)
You are twelve now, right? When I came out to DC for the first time, I missed the last week of the eighth grade... I’m pretty sure that means you’re twelve. This morning you went to church with your family, you sang your then-favorite hymn, “Lord, I Would Follow Thee,” and Grandma told you that you had a beautiful voice. I wanted to write to tell you that in a few years, you’ll be back to this exact building, and in Relief Society you'll have a testimony meeting where you sing hymns the whole hour. The girl next to you will lean over and tell you that you have a beautiful voice. You’ll remember how much you love your family, and promptly burst into tears. Then, you’ll fill out paperwork, get your picture taken, and be an actual member of the Washington, DC 2nd ward.

You are so freaking lucky.

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  1. Hey Britt,

    All of your posts are making me want to come home. The Chevy Chase Chapel is where I had my wedding reception!


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