Thursday, January 14, 2010

Madam Librarian:

I'ma show you my "I'm a fancy researcher" card that you have to have to get into the building. It's impressive.
I came in to meet you in the Library of Congress today, and it was the coolest thing I did all week. In the process of getting a research card, I had to tell some people I was researching stuff as an English major at BYU, and that was kind of cool. Then I checked my stuff into the cloak room, wandered through the halls, sat down at Desk 14 in the Main Reading Room, and welled up with tears looking around at that incredible room. That's when you helped me find the book I was looking for, and you told me to come back to read it tomorrow. So I'll see you tomorrow after class. I'll come back to read that play, and then I'll apply to a couple law schools.

Can't wait,

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