Monday, January 4, 2010

Mr. Hampton,

no cord again today, go to googlemaps to see the office where I work. I'll be able to post pictures regularly once I have that cord... I promise.

I am excited to meet you on Friday, but I had the very distinct impression as I was completing this assignment that I would immediately and permanently regret whatever I wrote down.

1.You are on the Today Show. Matt Lauer asks you to define “message.” What do you say?
Well, as we were just discussing, I was an English major. I guess that means I believe that messages are stories, and the most compelling messages are the best stories. Why do you ask, Matt?

2.In what kind of situations do you find it difficult to communicate?
When I am angry I do not have problems finding things to communicate, I just communicate things that I should not. It is difficult for me to communicate appropriately when I am angry.

3.What is the most important idea/skill/technique/solution you want to learn from our session Friday morning?
Sometimes I feel like I have explained something so completely that it is absolutely impossible for me to be misunderstood, and yet what I wanted to communicate and what the other person walked away with were decidedly different things. I would love it if that never happened again.

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  1. How did I miss this?! This is a gem. One thing is for sure, your voice comes out SO WELL!! It's like you're talking to me.


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