Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mr. Hesse,

I have some 35 mm that I'm developing right now... I have at least that camera.
In the Glass Bead Game you wrote a poem called “Stages.” I read it for the first time this summer, and it moved me to tears, so I memorized it. I’ve been in DC for 19 days. From the moment I boarded the plane in Idaho Falls, “Stages” kept running through my head. “In all beginnings dwells a magic force for guarding us and helping us to live.” This is definitely a beginning: I left BYU, moved to DC, became a legal intern. I feel overwhelmed by the new people, places, vocabulary, and sleeping patterns, but underneath all of that, I understand what you mean by “magic force.” I wouldn’t have been able to find a way to say it, but you did. Thanks. And congratulations on that Nobel Prize for Literature – you totally deserved it.



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