Thursday, January 7, 2010

my dear computer,

I will add a picture when I have a cord over... the weekend. It will either be of piles of Rigby potatoes or... the incredibly cute cupcakes... or siena and me eating burgers. it's hard to say.

I'm sorry you are sick. You sat by me so patiently, through pages and pages and pages of interrogatories, waiting for me to take you to the closest Mac Doctor. It took a while to get out to Maryland, but they took you right in, told me your little plug was broken (which we already knew), and I left you in Maryland for a minimum of 72 hours. I love that you are healing in Bethesda. The good news is, dropping you off in Bethesda meant I got to see Siena and Miles. We went to Five Guys for dinner and then Georgetown Cupcake for dessert. It was incredible to be around old friends, and it made me feel like there are places here where I genuinely belong... but I miss you still.

Get well soon,

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  1. you are such a wonderful writer! you may be more better than yo papa


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