Monday, January 25, 2010

to all things deep fried:

I shared with Breezy and Jen and Stuart. Those are the girls' fingers.
I love you. Despite the fact that you give me heartburn and clog my veins, I will still spent $5.70 on Metro fare, 90 minutes of commuting time, and then $5.50... for six donuts. {sigh} Ours is an irrational love... After a long day of drafting my very own deed, you provided me with a welcome field trip. These donuts were fried right in front of my eyes, then dipped in whatever glaze I wanted, and topped with whatever toppings I wanted! Favorites: French Toast and Lemonade.

see you again soon,


  1. umm... I think you just described heaven. Please take me there when I come.

  2. Speaking of a good time the other day I was reminiscing on high school days (someone told me it was our 5 year reunion) anyway, remember that time that I sewed us princess dresses for a school dance? I was just thinking how fun that dance and those dresses were.


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