Tuesday, January 19, 2010

to nightfall:

I think I'm going to buy a couple disposable cameras... that is my new strategy until the digital one is found - WHICH I AM DETERMINED IS WHAT WILL HAPPEN. It can't be lost. I took a picture at the capital Thursday night, I don't remember using it after that, and then woke up Friday morning for class, looked in my bag for a Polaroid picture and my camera... and neither were there. I found the picture (I'll post it later) but have yet to find the camera. BUT IT'S HERE SOMEWHERE - I KNOW IT IS.

Someday I will know where I’m going to law school.
Someday my May 21st will come.
Someday my May 28th will come.

My apologies for being cryptic, but you came today, and I had none of those things. You brought me fancy letterheads, the official title of “paralegal,” and errands all around Judiciary Square. I liked those things, but they didn’t compensate for my blinding headache, or the feeling that I'm staggeringly mediocre. If you could put in a good word with tomorrow’s sunrise, I would really appreciate having one of those days that just knocks your socks off, you know?


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  1. dear britt,
    does your phone take pictures? because you could possibly take part in some sort of mobile upload to get your pics on here... I would love it, even if they aren't print quality. ;)



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