Saturday, January 2, 2010

Trader Joe's-

(photo from here because I left my camera cord in Idaho. but this is THE Trader Joe's that I went to, and I did go at night. I might as well have taken this picture. but the point is, so no original images until it arrives... seriously it was one of TWO things I accidently left home. the other being my favorite scarf)

Never having formally met you, I wanted to write to say that it was an absolute pleasure to make your acquaintance tonight. After I moved into my new apartment and ironed my suitcase-cramped clothes, I realized I had no food. Not wanting to purchase on the Sabbath, a few new friends and I ventured out to find you. They told me you only had "hippie food." They also told me you were obscenely expensive. False. You had everything I wanted (at the price I pay in Utah) and you gave me a free reusable bag. "Ridiculously overpriced organic crap," They said. I should have known this was a blatant lie, as it came from the people who are also responsible for spreading the rumors about the Tooth Fairy, the Bermuda Triangle, and the importance of "geometry."

see you again soon,


  1. I love trader joes! And I miss it oh so much here in my little town.

  2. hahaha! you're hilarious. I think i've been to trader joe's a long time ago. they had these colorful chips, i think. that's all i remember.

  3. Dan fell in love with Trader Joe's the first time we even went. It's an incredible place. Definitely fun. Definitely not uber expensive. Plus, since Dan likes it, I can actually get him to eat healthy stuff if I just tell him it came from Trader Joe's.

  4. Yay, I am so glad you met Trader JOe´s. I miss him very much here in Ecuador. My love, my love! And so reasonable in every way.

    I love the way your set up your blog. It is so cute, interesting, and creative. Love it! :)

    I hope D.C. is going great and you are loving the city.

  5. Oh Brittney. I am so sorry this was your first time at Trader Joe's. How much you have missed. I make regular stops for their triple cream brie and two buck chucks. Catch up with Joe, he's a great friend that will never let you down.


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