Monday, February 22, 2010

Charlie Gordon -

Tulips... one of my favorites. and the perfect spring flower.
I met you in Mrs. Julienne's class when I was 13 or 14. At the cusp of high school, dating, and moving away from home, what a perfect time for me to learn how difficult it is to return to the way it was before. After work tonight, I went to Kramerbooks to pick up an anthology with Mr. Keyes' story, and I bought flowers for Algernon. They're sitting on my desk and remind me that, among other things, you can't go back again.

"pepul" like you. I like you.


  1. I had my classes read that story a few months ago. A brilliant piece of literature. Miss you.

  2. i have no the freak clue what you are talking about, BUT, i do love your flowers and your framed photobooth pics. and you.


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