Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dear Alice Ripley,

picture from Craig, who I love.
I wanted to thank you for your show on Saturday night. My boyfriend flew out from Utah, and (pursuant to a suggestion from a trusted friend) we came to see you. I get why you won the Tony; I have never been so moved by a performance. I wept through the most of the second act. I mean, Next to Normal has an incredible plot and score, and the staging and lyrics are brilliant, but I wanted to thank you for making Diana’s feelings intensely personal. You reached me with the way you portrayed her experiences with motherhood, marriage, loss, love, guilt, fear, joy, pain, desperation. And when you remembered losing your son, I cried, Cary put his arm around me, and I could not have felt more alive. It felt incredible. Exactly how theater should feel.

Thank you,


  1. I love your writing, my friend. Thanks for everything. I'm incredibly jealous you got to experience such real theater.

  2. !
    fuzzy tingles.
    be checking your mailbox...

  3. I love that Cary came! I need to see this show!


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