Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dear Dust Mask,

Me, Stuart, our masks, and the fourth floor
Today Stuart and I reorganized hundreds of files on the fourth floor. I was sleepy and had a lot on my mind, so I appreciated having a job that required minimal brain function and also involved not sitting all the livelong day. However, the fourth floor, in addition to all the files of past clients, is home to dust and cat hair. And so, dear mask, you were both necessary and embarrassing. My embarrassment only increased when one of the attorneys came upstairs and called me Doctor Horman (which I considered a huge promotion since I think “intern” is actually the equivalent of “nameless scrub nurse”). After he found his client’s file, he asked me for a ten blade, opened the box, and said, "D***it... massive internal bleeding. How am I supposed to fix this? I'm just a doctor - I'm not God."

Thank you for facilitating that conversation; it was the highlight of work today.


  1. That conversation rocks . . . just like you and Stupac in those masks.

  2. You are so legit. This is a fantastic story as well.

    And I'm glad you are posting pics again. Did you fix your camera issue/find it?


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