Saturday, February 6, 2010


Playing in the snow. there is a lot of it.
I was planning on seeing you this afternoon. I wanted to revisit the liberty bell and see independence hall, but I mostly wanted to visit Pat and Geno. But man did it snow over here, so I spent an extra day stranded at Valley Forge and didn't see you at all. That was okay because, despite my best efforts, these people are quickly becoming irreplaceable. Judge Judd’s court will do that to a group. In Judge Judd’s Court, we can report minor offenses like “Dr. Goodliffe is charged $1 for having three syllabi, each the size of a small novel, for using the word ‘syllabi’ and for being a communist” (he pled guilty to two of the three charges). I’m just writing to say that I wish I could have seen more of you, but this felt like a good trade off.


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