Sunday, February 7, 2010

Ryon -

Things you can't see in this picture 1) the other 20 or so people that showed up later and 2) the ping pong table completely filled with delicious football food.
Hey thanks for texting me while I was driving around Baltimore this weekend. I was feeling a little trapped in the midst of my seven hour bus ride, and you provided some much needed relief. I'm just writing to say that today (after a makeshift and totally awesome sacrament meeting) I watched the Super Bowl. I may be mistaken, but after a few hours of reflection I am fairly certain that, in addition to being my very first Super Bowl, tonight was my first NFL football game. Does that seem right to you? and if it does, how did that happen?


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  1. Brad did not enjoy the Colts losing. I did not enjoy the lack of funny commercials.

    However, the Who during halftime was pretty sweet.


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