Monday, February 15, 2010

to The Great Escape,

me and Jen (the Canadian) at the capitol last week
I would have posted a picture from the greatest and happiest weekend of my life (holy crap NY was incredible and I will probably spend the next several years replaying every single second of that trip) but Craig took all the pictures, and his camera is somewhere between here and SLC right now. I will get to it asap. I promise.
I know people who spend every waking moment anxiously awaiting you. They are wildly discontent, and the second you show up, they will blow this popsicle stand. They want you to be their trump card, their perfect excuse, their getaway car. But I am not waiting for you. My life isn’t perfect; sometimes I’m overwhelmed, exhausted, inadequate, unhappy, and alone - but only sometimes. The rest of the time, my life is amazing. It is beautiful and real. This is perfect for me. So I don’t want a getaway car, there are no excuses, nothing trumps. I do not need a Great Escape.

Thanks anyway,

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  1. i love this. and i love that you were in my stomping ground! isn't new york wonderful?


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