Tuesday, February 23, 2010

to self:

on a completely unrelated note, I wish this was my bedroom right now. especially those sheets. I wish those were mine. I am convinced that I would spend more time sleeping if this was my bed.
  1. Get to bed progressively earlier - For example, Sunday was 7:00, Monday was 4:00, Tuesday was 3:45, tonight will be BEFORE 3:45. And that pattern should continue until you have established a respectable, reasonable, normal, healthy bedtime.
  2. Be kind
  3. Start letting it go - Whatever it is, whenever it comes up, think about it, figure it out, and then stop thinking about it. You can't possibly worry about everything all at once, so stop trying. law school? summer job? uncertainty? fear? perfection? disappointment? anxiety? deal with it and let it go.


  1. amen... i'm coveting those sheets.

    and i'll start searching the classifieds for a job for you.


  2. Good plan - # 1 will definitely help with #2 & #3:)

    Taylor Ririe gave this quote in Church before he left on his mission:

    Live each day to the fullest.
    Get the most from each hour, each day
    And in each age of your life.
    Then you can look forward with confidence,
    And back without regrets.

    Be yourself-but be your best self.
    Dare to be different
    And to follow your own star.

    And don't be afraid to be happy.
    Enjoy what is beautiful
    Love with all your heart and soul.
    Believe that those you love,
    Love you.

    When you are faced with decisions,
    Make that decision as wisely as possible--
    Then forget it
    The moment of absolute certainty never arrives.

    And above all else, remember that
    God helps those who help themselves.
    Act as if everything depended upon you,
    And pray as if everything depended upon God.

    The only argument I have with the above quote is that moments of absolute certainty actually do arrive (sooner or later, for better or worse). You have made good decisions and I know you will continue to. Good luck with them and with letting go of worry and what doesn't matter. Hold on with love to those things and people and beliefs that do.

    Love you!

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  4. Hi, Britt! Thanks for your comment on my blog! So where are you thinking of attending law school? Back at BYU or do you think you like the east coast so well now that you want to stay? Haha! Good luck with it all! It sounds like you have made a great start!

  5. good gravy, girl! what in the world were you doing until 7 am!?
    and thanks for always being the first to comment on my blog. i can always count on you and i love it.


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