Saturday, February 20, 2010

Winter -

There is an orchid exhibit at the Botanical Gardens right now. SO Rad.
Today I went to the Botanical Gardens and had a delicious strawberry shake. I stole a bit of the summer. I'm a very happy thief.



  1. We did the same thing. Sort of. Banana Cream Pie shakes and walked on actual grass in St. George (as opposed to the snow that has been on our grass in Idaho since at least November!) Those botanical gardens are an amazing oasis, especially in cold weather:)

  2. Britt- You're so funny. Sorry you had to steal some Spring, I've been enjoying the warm weather for quite sometime... perhaps you should live somewhere else?No -wait- you can't. DC is so close to everything cool! Keep taking pics and doing amazing things! Love ya

  3. i'm liking the idea of this botanical garden....


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