Sunday, March 14, 2010

Becca -

My favorite list in the exhibit: 12 things Eero Saarinen noticed about his wife, Alice. Sorry for the crappy "Archives of American Art" stamp. Try to read around it...
I'm glad we share a love of compulsive list writing, and I’ve been meaning to go to that List exhibit – it was on my “too see” sheet of paper. In the exhibit, apart from the prosaic grocery and to-do lists, I liked the lists that showed the artists’ humanity. I loved Hans Hofmann’s lecture notes, H.L. Mencken’s biography suggestions to Charles Green Shaw, and Janice Lowry’s “50 people I need to forgive.” Apparently, I make millions of lists because it creates the illusion of control and triumph in what otherwise feels like a chaotic and unaccomplished life. But a list of scriptures about loving my neighbor, a list of volunteer programs for Thursday nights, a list of important addresses, those lists really mean something to me – but I hadn’t realized it until I spent an hour in the teeny exhibit room, so, Becca, thanks for the suggestion.


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  1. oh! I'm so happy you were able to see the exhibit. That article reminded me why I make lists-not to schedule myself, not even to check items off-but just to feel in control.

    ps. I am so so excited to live in DC in the fall.


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