Thursday, March 4, 2010

Brigham Young University -

to spare you all another self portrait, I'm supplying the only picture on my computer where I am wearing BYU paraphernalia. we're playing volleyball over at Helaman, summer 2009.
Most of my fellow interns are mailing you their ecclesiastical endorsements this week. I got to thinking about how I don’t have to fill those out anymore, and how next fall, incredibly, classes in Provo will resume without me. Then I got to thinking about classes I loved so much I would take them over again. For example (in order of appearance):

1. Social Problems with Dr. Kim Holland, Sociology 112
2. Philosophy of Food with Dr. James Faulcner, Philosophy 4something
3. Literary Theory and Criticism with Master Raj Chetty, English 291
4. Nick Mason's British literature class in London, English 3something
5. Latino/a American Literature with Dr. Trent Hickman, English 384

Thanks for those,


  1. Not having to fill out ecclesiastical endorsements = a blessing.
    I tried making a list of classes like this for me during convocation, but ten classes, and I couldn't narrow it down. That's what happens when you take extra time to graduate and take lots of classes that don't count for anything...
    However, Soc 112 (with Kim Holland) changed the way I view the world. As did Master Raj....

  2. I am to this day jealous of your philosophy of food class. Someday...

  3. I took Raj's class too. When did you take it? Were we in it together?

  4. Isn't graduation the strangest thing???


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