Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Fiji Natural Artisan Water -

cell phone self portrait of me + my three most recent Fiji bottles. I know it's really fine photography. I'll sell prints to those who are (undoubtedly and justifiably) interested.
I am, in principle, against bottled water; I think it’s wasteful, expensive, and trendy. But ever since Snowmagedon they purify the water with bleach. Consequently, drinking water from the tap reminds me of being 11 and nearly drowning in the Ammon City pool. I hate it. It would be better to die of thirst than to drink this stuff. Breezy has a Brita, and there is a filter on the fridge at work, but I can still taste the chemicals. Obviously, I can’t get rid of the water in the shower, so I will just have to smell like chlorine, I will deal with frizzy hair, and my skin will continue to dry out and flake off. But, so help me, I will NOT drink water from the tap. Drinking you, wonderful, perfect, delicious Fiji Natural Artesian Water, is my only (wasteful, expensive, and trendy) escape.

Thank you,


  1. wow, thank you SOOO much for linking to ammon city pool. that totally made my day, and i ate a sandwich the size of a large cat today too so it wasn't just a shoe-in.

    also, my i-am-not-a-robot-spammer-just-a-human-one-don't-worry word verification is "tumfins" and though i haven't the faintest what it may mean it is now my FAVORITE. WORD. EVER.

  2. ummm... you picked the world's most expensive water to be in love with.... haha.


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