Friday, March 26, 2010

Paul and Lance -

Friday night = frozen yogurt, seeing Georgetown's campus (the most beautiful campus ever), Five Guys, and buying a kite for the Cherry Blossom Festival.
Thanks for taking me to TangySweet so we could talk about why taxes are bad... I guess there's nothing like a couple of conservative economists to make your Friday night educational and completely awesome.


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  1. ah -- I love these guys -- leaving a legacy of debt for their great-great-grandchildren! Did they conveniently leave out the great Bush tax cut genius? A fiscal conservative, the signer of three tax cuts, he was a poster boy for smaller, leaner government. All should have gone well. So how did he become the “biggest spending president in the history of the Republic” whose legacy of two continuing and unfunded wars and revenues that did not equal expenditures even before the recession, almost doubled the national debt(Walker, David M., Author, Comeback America. Fresh Air, T. Gross, Interviewer, 9 March 2010)?
    If they want to go somewhere and not pay taxes and not have regulation go to Haiti -- see how fun it is to try and succeed without all that regular govt. support that paves roads, educates them and their children, titles land and regulates money. Stop asking for welfare! If you want all that, you have to pay for it.
    It was nice to see you Brittney :).


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