Thursday, March 18, 2010


I found pictures of BYU football, soccer, baseball, and volleyball. But not basketball. So you get to see what Sammy looked like last Christmas.
I told you earlier that I was streaming the BYU game during work today. That was awesome. Although we were, perhaps, less productive than we would have been otherwise. Anyway, I wanted to thank you for helping me fill out my bracket this morning. You are such a cute little brother, and I look forward to that phone call every year. I have no idea what will happen when you are on the mission because I don't think it would be right to do a bracket without you. It just wouldn't have the same sentimental value, and it goes without saying that I would be completely useless alone.

love you,

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  1. wow! I forgot that was when he died his hair for State soccer! Wow!


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